How should I look after my arm after implant insertion or removal? You’ll have a bandage over the implant when you leave the clinic. It keeps the tiny skin incision (cut) clean and dry, reducing the risk of infection. It also gives your arm comfort and protection if it feels tender. Keep the bandage on for at least 24 hours after insertion of an implant – and for at least 48 hours after removal of an implant. If your arm or hand feels numb or cold, the bandage may be a little too tight for you – you can ask someone to loosen it off a little and re-tape it. Keep the bandage dry when washing. Covering it with a few layers of cling film is one way to do this. When you take the bandage off, expect to see bruising. You may or may not have long thin plasters where the implant was inserted or removed. You should be careful when removing the bandage not to peel plasters off accidentally. Any plasters should ideally stay in place for another 3-4 days to help the wound heal neatly and quickly. After that, soak off plasters in the shower or bath.

What should I expect after my implant insertion? Expect to feel tender for a day or two. You can take simple painkillers like paracetamol or ibuprofen if these are safe for you to use. Most people don’t need any painkillers. You will be bruised around the area for up to 2 weeks. After implant insertion, you should be able to feel it in your arm. It is 4cm long and feels smooth and slightly mobile under your skin. If you’re not sure whether you can feel it, you must use condoms or not have sex until you’ve seen a doctor or nurse in your general practice or sexual health clinic to confirm the implant is in place.

Is there anything I should look out for? Infection is very rare, but if you notice any oozing or pus from the little wound, or redness and severe pain over the implant, please contact your GP practice or 111 if they are closed.  Allergy is also rare and causes redness, swelling and itch over the implant. Contact your GP if you think you have an allergy or infection.

Is there any activity I should avoid after implant insertion or removal? Avoid anything that will make your bandage wet. Try not to knock your arm while it’s feeling tender. Once your wound has healed and the tenderness has settled, you can do anything you normally need to do.